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China is planning on continuing to restrict travel to Taiwan once again. Chinese tourism to Taiwan has been increasing in recent months, leading to speculation of a policy reversal.Read More
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Friday that holders of China-based UnionPay credit cards will be allowed to file for valued-added tax refunds in select department stores in Taipei and Kaohsiung, starting from July.Read More
With the year coming to an end, Jing Travel has dug into Chinese travel trends to find the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists in 2016.Read More
New travel scheme promises fast-tracked entry permits for mainland Chinese tourists, but with one caveat: they must spend more money on hotels and food.Read More
Mainland China may have the world's largest outbound tourism market but most of the tourists are going only to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.Read More
Taiwan's Tourism Bureau plans to allow an additional 5,000 mainland Chinese tourists monthly to visit the country. Read More
Taiwan teamed up with Google to create the "Anytime for Taiwan-Film Taiwan, Action!" tourism competition, a joint campaign between the search engine giant and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.Read More
To improve the nation’s position as a high-quality destination, the tourism sector has agreed to changes for Chinese tours’ shopping trips.Read More
Summer is the most popular time for mainland Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan. But as applications to enter Taiwan are limited, it can take a while for them to obtain their visa.Read More
Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-Bin's first visit to Beijing since taking office in 2006, has been planned in accordance with Taipei's participation in the upcoming Beijing International Tourism Expo 2014.Read More