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The Chinese government now hopes to boost international travel even further with the help of simplified passport application procedures.Read More
At more than 130 million strong and rapidly growing, Chinese travelers are the world’s largest visitor group and the biggest spenders (averaging $6,000 per visitor per stay) when traveling abroad. Read More
Officially from Thursday, the Chinese tourists will benefit from an exemption of entry visa to visit Tunisia, announced the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Read More
The Canadian government will open seven additional visa application centres in China to help serve a growing number of Chinese tourists who are crossing the Pacific to explore Canada.Read More
North Korea is allowing Chinese tourists to visit without a passport on half-day tours, as the isolated country seeks more sources of foreign currency after a recent wave of international sanctions.Read More
Japan is set to further ease visa requirements for Chinese citizens as part of its plan to attract 40 million foreign tourists every year by 2020.Read More
Israel and China will soon issue 10-year multiple-entry visas to each other's nationals, according to the bilateral agreement signed in Jerusalem.Read More
Visa’s support for the U.S.-China Tourism Year is a meaningful commitment that will have significant impact in both China and the United States.Read More
Britain is launching a drive to attract thousands more big-spending Chinese visitors by offering cut-price visas.Read More
Three of China's neighbors in Southeast Asia are further easing their visa regimes to attract more Chinese tourists.Read More