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Police in Central China's Hunan province have been praised on social media for their response to online requests for help from Chinese tourists, whose travel documents were stolen in Vietnam.Read More
Internet penetration in China only really took off after 2000. Last year it’s estimated that China accounted for 20% of global Internet users – compared to just 9% for the United States.Read More
Since he was campaigning for Prime Minister, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been known for his social-networking use. Read More
China has urged the country's most popular microblog Weibo to clean up pornographic material on its social networking site in the latest attempt by authorities to regulate online content.Read More
Nearly eight in 10 rely on the internet and mobile to research purchases. The internet is the leading source of information for buyers in China to learn about luxury goods, according to 2015 research.Read More
For many marketers in Europe, North America and Australia, China is the next great marketing frontier.Read More
What if a single social media platform integrated commerce, location, messaging, and social networking?Read More

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China Social Media Overview

Here is a quick peek into the Chinese world of social media. Dominating the online space are some interesting and extremely similar Chinese websites that make up for all that’s taboo in the country.Read More
Sina Weibo is the biggest social media network you've probably never heard of.Read More
Oregon Governor's Conference on Tourism 2015: China has become Oregon’s #1 long haul market for visitors. It is not surprising that Oregon is one of the first US states that have invested heavily in getting China Ready.Read More