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For many marketers in Europe, North America and Australia, China is the next great marketing frontier.Read More
Two new videos promoting Singapore, including one by local film-maker Royston Tan for the Chinese market, appear to be well-received so far.Read More

Posted On May 22, 2015By StefanIn News, Internet, Social Media

China Social Media Overview

Here is a quick peek into the Chinese world of social media. Dominating the online space are some interesting and extremely similar Chinese websites that make up for all that’s taboo in the country.Read More
Two of China's biggest Internet companies are collaborating to push big-data marketing in the countryRead More

Posted On June 11, 2014By StefanIn Media, Social Media, Networking

Chinese Social Media Overview

In a country of 1.4 billion people, you’d think social media is big in China. And it is, but it is not just social media like elsewhere in the world, it's social media 'with Chinese characteristics'. Read More