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China’s rising unmarried population has been a center-of-attention social phenomenon for the past five years.Read More
When it comes to social currency, most Chinese consumers aim to buy a house and a car to impress their peers. But for those under 30, values are shifting, and digital products are becoming more important.Read More
The New York Times recently published an article that claimed marketers’ focus on the “Millennial” generation – that is, individuals born in the last two decades of the 20th century – had become an a obsessive fixation.  – How true. Yes, Millennials are more “digitally native” than older cohorts. But their “dependence on technology, [is] probably just a leading indicator of where life is headed for everyone.” Furthermore, the anxiety triggered by stagnant incomes and declining social mobility has resulted a global “live for now” (Pepsi’s new tagline) ethos rather thanRead More